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About Signature Homes

We’re here to support you every step of the way as you dream it, plan it, and help us build your dream home.

What Makes Signature Special?

Building a custom home is a unique experience in which we partner with you to ensure a house that displays quality, award winning design and our high standards of engineering excellence.

Our family has been building homes in Lethbridge for decades. Two generations and five brothers were involved when Peter Simons & Sons Construction began in the late 50’s. Dick Simons apprenticed with both his dad and grandfather, spending years as a tile-setter before becoming a journeyman carpenter and venturing out on his own. Then, in 1998, he founded Signature Homes Ltd.

Historical ties run deep at Signature. Construction manager Chris Gregg is the 2nd generation of the Gregg family to work with a Simons.

To say we’re experienced might be a bit of an understatement.

So when you’re ready to talk about building your dream home, whether in Lethbridge or on an acreage, come talk to us. Look over our wide selection of floor plans, discuss your vision, and let’s start making your dream come true!

Building Process

1. The Dream

The phase where you gather up ideas and ‘wouldn’t it be neat if…’ thoughts and wishes. For many of our customers, this phase has been going on for years. But it doesn’t have to! We’ve been known to have a house built in four months starting from scratch – it can be done, if life has you in a hurry. We move at your pace during the first stages, so there’s no pressure. Usually, this phase also involved visits to show homes. Lots and lots of show homes! We’re happy to have you come by ours for either a quick visit or an in-depth tour. We like to think our signature touches will put you right back into ‘wouldn’t it be neat if…’

2. The Plan

Options, options, options. It can be overwhelming. But whether you want to start by looking at drawings, or you’d rather sit down and share your ‘big picture’ idea of what your new house should look like, we’ll be there either way. Offering insight, expertise, and suggestions to get you where you want to go, or maybe even a few ideas that would never have crossed your mind. After all, we’ve been doing this a while now.

Eventually, talk about the plan evolves into an actual plan – the blueprint for your new Signature home. We have dozens of examples from the many homes we’ve built over the years to use as a base template. Then we put the real ‘custom’ in custom home, to make your home uniquely your own.

3. The Build

Unlike many builders, at Signature we are committed to being your partner during the building phase. That means we give you a key, and you’re free to drop in anytime of day or night to see how things are going, and to be inspired by what you see. Because it’s not too late! New ideas, or revised thinking, may call for changes here or there, and our job is to be there to see those changes through. And to keep you fully informed about how changes will affect pricing…or not. You can see in our testimonials how being clear and above-board about changes has won us friends, even in the accounting field.

4. After sales service

Our commitment to your dream home doesn’t end when the last tools are put away and we welcome you to your new custom home. We’ll still be your builder, able and willing to be on call for any follow up services you might need. Whether it’s a warranty call, an unresolved question, or even advice about the next dream, we’ll be there for you.

Just like we’ve been there for all our customers over the decades that our family has been building homes for families like yours.

Count on it.

Our Staff

Michelle Steele


michelle@signaturehomesltd.ca (403) 795-0428

Chris Gregg

Construction Manager

chris@signaturehomesltd.com (403) 634-0642

Brett Mueller

New Home Sales

brett@signaturehomesltd.ca (403) 331-5282

Richard Simons


richard@signaturehomesltd.ca (403) 795-3920

Russ Thompson

(403) 915-4697

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